While government restrictions are easing, one key matter that remains is that of social distancing.
This will have a significant impact on when club meetings can recommence.
The Church of Scotland has issued guidelines in line with government rules, but it will be up to each church to decide how and when any easing can be safely applied to the use of its premises.

On the basis that requirements for distancing and the full cleaning of premises will be required as a minimum in September and beyond, there is not much expectation that the camera club would be allowed use of the church hall before November or December.
We should expect that priority for hall use would be provided to organisations associated to the church, before ourselves.

With this in mind, the committee is planning a syllabus that makes use of online meetings and competitions.
The club season is intended to recommence on Thursday, 3rd, September. Details for this will be provided in due course, but some feedback is requested from members to support this planning.

At the time of writing, restrictions on travel distances are about to be removed, which would enable those photographic excursions that are further away.
Don’t all rush at once and remember that compliance with Covid Rules will remain, but do enjoy the experience.

Meantime, thanks for the comments and support received and do continue to stay safe.